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91 consumers have shared details with the public to help others dealing with a debt collector who contacted me instead of my attorney.

On XX/XX/2019 at approximately XXXX XXXX ( AZ time ). US Collections West contacted me in an attempt to collect on a debt. I am currently in an active Chapter XXXX Bankruptcy. When I told the representative that he said that he got notice that my case was dismissed on XX/XX/XXXX. That is absolutely false. He went on to ask me if I would like to

I am receiving harrassing and abusive phone calls from a debt collector that is currently being paid through a law firm. They are also harassing a family member of mine.

Constantly receiving harrassing phone calls and they are harrassing a relative of mine as well.

On XX/XX/18 at XXXX XXXX, I received a voicemail call stating the following ; Good morning this is XXXX XXXX from the compliance and processing division with asset (? ) XXXX. We are trying to locate and notify my ( first middle last name ) in reference to fraudulent activity that has taken place being associated with your social security number

Received: 10/14/2018 Debt collection - Payday loan debt

This complaint did not receive a response within 15 days from Main Street Personal Finance

DEAR CFPB : This matter is in regards of a debt collector that uses several phone numbers to contact me. I explain the debt collector that i need the fallowing information : 1 ) verification of the debt. 2 ) tp provide me with names and adresses of the original creditor. 3 ) tp provide me with days, dates, bills, from the original creditor. 4 )

Ronald H Reynolds on XX/XX/2018 stated by his letter and signature he was no longer on this account ending in : XXXX and that the creditor XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX had recalled the account. Ronald H. Reynold is still collecting money for this account of {$200.00}. XXXX plus per week. Still mailing me mail about this account and created print outs in

Received: 07/12/2018 Debt collection - Medical debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from Ronald H. Reynolds, Inc.

XXXX said they will contact the XXXX they want a police report they don't believe me. I sent all documents and they keep scaring me they said they are removing it they don't care if I owe it or not I sent letters from my XXXX and they ingnored it they said I need a police report. This ridiculous they threatened me and said I was a threat and I

Received: 06/25/2018 Debt collection - Credit card debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from CITIBANK, N.A.

Webster bank is insinuating I went into bank when I was in XXXX. I showed proof and they threatened me. I got a legal aid attorney and I filed 500 ftc reports. they are illegal and uncaring crooked bank. they want to blame somebody. thus is not my loan I sent letters from my XXXX and they ingnored it they said I need a police report. This

On XX/XX/2018 I had received a collection letter about medical bills that I allegedly owed to CBSC which is a collection agency. I had discovered that my personal information was in the collection such as my Social Security Number, medical diagnosis, and diagnostic codes. This clearly violates my privacy per HIPPA regulations. I did authorize the

I never had a XXXX phone. I cant afford XXXX XXXX.XX/XX/XXXX they put on my credit report XXXX is all i see for acct number. I need this removed its destroying my life and they said i must pay to delete it even if its not mines or it will ruin to credit. I told them i would call ftc they said so. I dont know what to do.

Received: 06/04/2018 Debt collection - Unknown

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from ERC

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