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On XX/XX/2019 a XXXX XXXX from a debt collection firm/attorney 's office named Caine Weiner emailed and called my employer by emailing and calling XXXX XXXX who is administrative Assistant to the CEO at the Company where I have worked for 7 years. ( See Attached email documents ) XXXX XXXX then emailed the email that was sent to her by XXXX XXXX to

Williams & Fudge ( located in Virginia ) repeatedly called and harassed me after I asked to stop and hung up several times. This was all for a bill for my XXXX school that was already paid for. They called me from a number that was disguised as my work office, or they called my work and had it transferred to me. I just checked my credit score, and

Received: 02/19/2019 Debt collection - Other debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from Williams & Fudge, Inc

After receiving on XX/XX/XXXX a dunning letter dated of XX/XX/XXXX from Rent Recovery Solutions for an alleged debt of {$1500.00}, I sent a validation letter on XX/XX/XXXX with a cease and desist request in response via certified mail respecting then the 30 days timeframe deadline to dispute the claim. According to the FDCPA 15 U.S.C. 1692-1692o,

Received: 02/19/2019 Debt collection - Other debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from Rent Recovery Solutions

On XX/XX/19 the collection agency ( XXXX XXXX XXXX PH : XXXX ) contacted both of my daughters and the general manager at my place of employment XXXX XXXX who is in senior management at my place of employment contacted me to tell me he received a call. This puts my job in jeopardy and is extremely embarrassing. I contacted the collection agency on

Received: 02/15/2019 Debt collection - Payday loan debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from LDF Holdings, LLC

XXXX XXXX has been trying to collect a debt that is completely not accurate at all. But recently, they have been contacting me at work-which will get me fire. The first call that came through, which was two weeks ago. I asked them then to stop calling my work, they just hung up on me. This last week they have contacted my work 3 times, leave a

Received: 02/11/2019 Debt collection - Private student loan debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from Navient Solutions, LLC.

XXXX XXXX XXXX contacted my employer today. I called them to see who they were and why. I spoke to a girl named XXXX who then transferred my call over to a male named XXXX. XXXX proceeded to tell me how if I dont pay they are going to contact the attorney general in my area and take legal action. I tried to explain to him that the debt was not

Received phone call from someone named XXXX XXXX claiming to be a lawyer for a cashnet loan service, I can find no record of him anywhere. Tried to tell me I obtained loan in XX/XX/2016 and gave an old address, and a bank account that is not mine. Told me he called the bank and verified my information, which would be against banking practices if I

Received: 02/07/2019 Debt collection - Unknown

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from ENOVA INTERNATIONAL, INC.

Fifth third bank has called my work ( a XXXX XXXX XXXX line ) on XX/XX/19 at XXXX. I spoke with a lady and told her she can not call me on this XXXX work line because I will get in trouble as well. She said where exactly would you like me to call because youve been avoiding and dodging my calls and I told her to call my cell phone. She stated it

I have a loan with XXXX XXXX XXXX. I have turned all of my debt over to a debt counseling/consolidation company. I advised XXXX XXXX their contact information and asked that they get in touch with them to work out payments but they refuse to reach out. XXXX XXXX has now started calling my employer at an office that I do not even work at, leaving

XXXX XXXX, sent a letter to my employer treating to garnish my wages. I asked the company not to contact my employer and I also told them i need o pay my loan with a different account. They have called me more than 5 times a day even at work.

Received: 01/29/2019 Debt collection - Payday loan debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from AmeriCash Holding LLC

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