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Cashcall is attempting to collect a fraudulent debt. My identity was stolen= $ XXXX were charged on Credit Cards with my information. They have since been removed from my credit report. Cashcall at this time will not remove the debt and can not provide verification. I have pursued this as fraudulent with them to no avail. This has been going on

Received: 03/06/2019 Debt collection - Payday loan debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from CASHCALL, INC.

In 2017, I had my wages garnished unfairly by Pressler & Pressler for a debt that resulted due to identity theft for {$2000.00}. Theyre very nasty people & theyre sneaky people. I went through financial hardship & I was at risk for being homeless & I was struggling to pay my other bills. They didnt care about that. Watch out for Pressler &

Received: 03/06/2019 Debt collection - Credit card debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from Pressler & Pressler, LLP

XXXX XXXX alleges that I signed up for classes with their institution. This could not be further from the truth. I have never been to their website until recently, when Ability Recovery Services , LLC stated that I owed XXXX XXXX an alleged debt of {$1600.00}. I disputed this fraudulent debt with XXXX XXXX and Ability Recovery Services, only to be

I got a call 10 to 12 years ago from XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX that I owed something about {$5200.00} including late fees I told them I dont have credit card from Wells Fargo Bank and i hadnt live XXXX since 12 months ago after talking with manger and I will not file complaints if they remove It after that I didnt get call until few days ago I got bill

Received: 03/05/2019 Debt collection - Credit card debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from WELLS FARGO & COMPANY

When reviewing my credit report from all 3 major bureaus last year in XX/XX/XXXXI noticed 3 collection accounts for medical bills that I had no knowledge of. I asked all 3 bureaus to remove them, The only bureau XXXX after investigating was kind enough to remove the item. I am in the process of applying for a mortgage and this is a problem in

My identity was stolen and used. I want this removed from my credit reports.

Received: 03/03/2019 Debt collection - Medical debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from Fresno Credit Bureau

I was a victim of identity theft and several accounts were open under my information. I filed a police report against Power Finance. I have not received any emails or phone calls to get this resolved. I want this account to be deleted and removed from my files. Please see my police report that contains the date, amount and account information that

Received: 03/03/2019 Debt collection - Unknown

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from Big City Finance, LLLP

This is fraudulent and needs to be off.

On XX/XX/2019, I received a collections letter from Allied Collection Services , Inc., to collect on an account from XXXX with a total balance due listing {$4400.00}. On that day, I also confirmed that they reported the overdue balance to XXXX and XXXX credit reporting agencies, and it's showing up as a derogatory account on both reports. I have

I went to XXXX College in XXXX AZ for a trial time. I did not complete my classes there and was told that I they were a new school for XXXX and XXXX and they were introducing a non traditional platform for people that did not want to go to a big college.I decided not to go to this school because they were getting sued and we also found out that

Received: 02/28/2019 Debt collection - Private student loan debt

This complaint was responded to within 15 days from ECMC Group, Inc.

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