Receivable Management Group, Inc. (GA) Medical debt complaint on 11/12/2018


Dear RECEIVABLE MGMT GROUP After viewing a copy of my credit report, I noticed a collection account placed on my credit report from you in XX/XX/2018. I am requesting that you allow me to validate the alleged debt. I am unaware of any outstanding medical bills that I possess, and I am seeking the name and hospital/medical provider to which I owe the debt and a detailed breakdown of the fees that I owe. Additionally, I am allowed under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA ) to protect my privacy and medical records from third parties. I did not give permission to any of my current or prior medical providers to release any of my medical information to a third party. I am aware that the HIPAA does allows the release of limited information about me but anything more is to only be revealed with the patients authorization. Therefore, my request is twofoldvalidation of debt and HIPAA authorization. Please provide breakdown of fees including any collection costs and medical charges. Provide a copy of my signature with the provider of service to release my medical information to you. Cease any credit bureau reporting until the debt has been validated by me. Please send this information to my address listed above and accept this letter, sent certified mail, as my formal debt validation request, which I am allowed under the FDCPA. Please note that withholding the information you received from any medical provider in an attempt to be HIPAA compliant can be a violation of the FDCPA because you will be deceiving me after my written request. I request full documentation of what you received from the provider of service in connection with this alleged debt. Additionally, any reporting of this debt to the credit bureaus prior to allowing me to validate it is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which can allow me to seek damages from a collection agency. I will await your reply with above requested proof.

Received: 11/12/2018

Debt collection: Medical debt

Attempts to collect debt not owed: Debt is not mine

Receivable Management Group, Inc. (GA) Response

This issue was responded to within 15 days by Receivable Management Group, Inc. (GA)

Debt Pro Tips

Will paying a collection agency improve my credit score?

If a consumer has multiple accounts in collection, the credit score improvement from paying off a single account may not be much. If you can get all of your collection accounts to report paid with a zero outstanding balance, then you can begin rebuilding your credit.

What's in my credit report?

Credit reports contain identifying information, trade lines, credit inquiries and public record and collections information. Your credit report will often have discrepancies between Equifax, Experian and Transunion, and you have the right to correct any innacurate or incomplete information.

What are the major Credit Reporting Agencies?

The three major credit reporting agencies, or credit bureaus, are Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Each agency will have various scoring models for a consumer, the most common of which is the FICO score.

The FDCPA outlines consumer rights as debtors

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law intended to protect consumers from 3rd party debt collectors by limiting debt collector behavior and providing penalties for violations.

The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) regulates credit reporting agencies and consumer reporting agencies

The FCRA requires that information be reported accurately. Common FCRA violation examples are reporting old debts as new or re-aged and failing to report a debt was discharged in bankruptcy. The consumer has the right to dispute and credit reporting agencies must correct or delete any inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable information within 30 days of the receiving notice of dispute.

You have 30 days from initial contact to request verification of the debt

The FDCPA gives consumers(debtors) the have the right to request verification of a debt(Also commonly called debt validation). The request must be within 30 days of receiving the debt validation notice from the collector. Once the letter has been received, the collector must stop attempts to collect until it responds to your validation request. To prevent the collector from disputing your request was sent, send it via certified mail with return receipt requested.

Debt collection / Medical debt

XXXX XXXX XXXX are attempting to collect a debt.

Receivable Management Group, Inc. (GA) HCFS Health Care Financial Services Debt Verification


Right to dispute debt notice not received

XXXX XXXX XXXX are attempting to collect a debt. I have sent letters to this company requesting verification that this debt is mine and to provide proof of such. This has never been provided nor was I sent a letter prior to this account being placed on my credit report. When I sent letters to the credit bureaus all I was supplied with was a general letter that this debt belongs to me, but no proof nothing in writing, no copies of letters, nothing. This is both a violation of Fair Debt Collecting and a violation of Fair Credit Reporting to not verify accurate information. XXXX can not provide any information to me, I have never been seen by a physician or doctor that they are attempting to collect on a debt from 2013. This needs to be removed from my credit file immediately.

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Debt collection / Medical debt

I paid a medical debt on my credit directly to

Receivable Management Group, Inc. (GA) Eastern Account Systems of Connecticut Attempts to collect debt not owed


Debt was paid

I paid a medical debt on my credit directly to XXXX XXXX XXXX. I have informed both XXXX XXXX XXXX of the payment as well as the 3rd party company Eastern Account Systems. I was promised removal of debt from my credit reports XXXX, XXXX and XXXX upon payment. I want the negative remark removed from my credit because its damaging my ability to purchase a home and obtain new credit.

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Debt collection / Medical debt

XXXX is reporting an account on my credit report

Receivable Management Group, Inc. (GA) HCFS Health Care Financial Services Debt Verification


Not enough info provided to verify debt

XXXX is reporting an account on my credit report that I have no knowledge of. I have asked them multiple to provide me detail about this account such as doctor name, full account details, documents with my signature, etc. The only thing they have sent me was a type letter from them. This does not provide me any information to research the account. Furthermore, the letter was sent to a family member address and not mines. I have family members with similar name, and I believe this account may belong to one of them. XXXX has not sent anything I have asked for, yet they continue to report on my credit report stating the account is accurate. Its obvious that have not research it because the address is even incorrect. Also, I have the right to know what they are collecting to confirm if the charges are correct. I need this account removed from my file immediately. XXXX is violating my rights and damaging my credit.

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Debt collection / Medical debt

Grant and Weber and XXXX XXXX XXXX have several

Receivable Management Group, Inc. (GA) Grant & Weber Attempts to collect debt not owed


Debt was paid

Grant and Weber and XXXX XXXX XXXX have several accounts showing on my credit report after I had disputed it once and it was removed back in 2014. When I contacted Grant and Weber one week ago to inquire about the items listed on my credit report, he couldnt even provide the original amount that was owed because the XXXX XXXX was charging me interest, is what he said. I explained that I had disputed this once before and it was removed, he was very rude, put me on a hold penalty, because I was over talking him. I asked him to provide the original creditor, he couldnt even provide it and he told me to contact them directly. I then said, how can I contact them directly if I do not have the information ( ofcourse by then, I was very upset ), he said I needed to write a letter to request information. I told him I was going to report him. Please ask to listen to our conversation as it was being audio taped. There are 4 different accounts listed by Grant and Weber and one from XXXX XXXX. I contacted the only hospitals I have attended and they do not have anything listed as being sent to the credit bureaus. This information would apply to all three credit bureaus. Please look into the matter and help!

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