Capital One Financial Corporation Credit card debt complaint on 02/18/2019


I was sued and a judgement for a 17 year old credit card debt was entered against and they sent the summons to an address that I haven't ever lived at. It was my sister 's old address and a summons was never served there for either of those court dates. My sister said that someone came there in early XX/XX/XXXX and asked if I lived there and she told them that I do not live there and they left. This company was able to locate my current work address for a garnishment order so they should have been able to locate my current address because it's on my credit report and they purposely stated that they sent a summons to the wrong address and I haven't seen proof that someone even signed for that summons. I don't remember this debt and don't feel that I have been able to fairly answer to this. Also if it's 17 years old can I be sued over this? I called the court and they said a judgement was entered against me in XX/XX/XXXX for XXXX and renewed on XX/XX/XXXX and was for XXXX plus XXXX in interest totalling XXXX but I have no knowledge of either of these judgments and the reason I am finding out about this is because a garnishment order was sent to my employer and they informed me. Is there anything I can do to stop this or get this resolved without being garnished. Were my legal rights violated? Wouldn't XX/XX/XXXX even be past the statute of limitations if this debt is 17 years old? I only have 14 days to figure this out according to the court papers. Did this company break a law by not serving me correctly? I called the attorney on this and she said that nothing can be done and they do whatever they need to do to collect this debt. I don't even know if this debt is truly mine. I would like to know my legal rights regarding this. I just found out recently that an ex wife that I've been divorced from for several years still has a credit card with my name on it and I shouldn't be responsible if I didn't create the debt but with such limited information I can't defend myself on this. The only information I have is that the debt is 17 years old and that this company went to court without properly notifying me twice and a judgement against me was made and now I'm being garnished.

Received: 02/18/2019

Debt collection: Credit card debt

Took or threatened negative or legal action: Sued you without properly notifying you of lawsuit

Capital One Financial Corporation Response

This issue was responded to within 15 days by Capital One Financial Corporation

Debt Pro Tips

What's in my credit report?

Credit reports contain identifying information, trade lines, credit inquiries and public record and collections information. Your credit report will often have discrepancies between Equifax, Experian and Transunion, and you have the right to correct any innacurate or incomplete information.

A debt collector threatened garnishment. Now what?

Garnishment is a step of debt collections normally limited to after the creditor has obtained a judgment against you. If that has not happened, and a collector threatened garnishment, you may have had your FDCPA rights violated. You can often get a free consult with a FDCPA consumer attorney in your area, as they usually collect on a contingency from the offender(debt collector). Wage garnishment laws vary by state. Bankruptcy may be able to eliminate the garnishment. Speak with a debt defense or bankruptcy attorney in year area.

Each State has a SOL(Statute of Limitations) for Debt

Every state has it's own rules as to how long a debt collector can sue you for a debt, based on the type of debt. A debt collector can still contact you after the SOL has expired. Be careful what you say to any collector calling on an old debt. If you acknowledge the debt or make a payment, you may be re-activating the statute of limitations.

Debt collection / Credit card debt

XX/XX/2019 I receive a voicemail threatening to

CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION Miller, Stark, Klein and Associates Took or threatened negative or legal action


Threatened arrest or jail if I do not pay

XX/XX/2019 I receive a voicemail threatening to take me to court over a credit card debt. XX/XX/2019 they called again. They even quote a new address that is associated with me. They called me last week as well. And emailed me payment processing. I email them back telling them do not contact me again I asked for an email address so I can send them a letter that an old debt is paid for. They want to try and validate my letter stating my debt was paid. They said it should have an Id number they hang up said I should pay my bills and Id get something delivered at the new address they gon na contact my job

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Debt collection / Credit card debt

We owe {$960.00} on a XXXX XXXX charge card ... it

CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION Valentine and Kebartas Harrassing Communications


You told them to stop contacting you, but they keep trying

We owe {$960.00} on a XXXX XXXX charge card ... it is now placed with the agency of Valentine Kebartis office and I have set up payment arrangements by ck on the XXXX of every mon ... They called me 16 x between XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX. I explained that I have payment arrangements made but they say because I send a check and not do a scheduled payment arrangement when they control the payment I must get this calls because their computer doesn't recognize a payment mailed in??? It is abolutely ridiculous how rude the lady was that I spoke with. Their number is XXXX I have blocked them from calling me Thank you!

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Debt collection / Credit card debt

On XX/XX/XXXX, I received notification through the

CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION Diverse Funding Associates Debt Verification


Right to dispute debt notice not received

On XX/XX/XXXX, I received notification through the XXXX XXXX Sheriffs Department concerning a lawsuit by XXXX XXXX, XXXX. After reading over the summons, the only information supplied by this company to the court is an affidavit. Until XX/XX/XXXX, I never heard of this company not to mention had any contact with this company by telephone, mail nor email. I contacted this company the same day to find out what this lawsuit is pertaining to and the female refused to give me any information and I advised her that this court summons do not advise me of anything. She advised me very coldly that they sent me a letter back in XX/XX/XXXX. I asked her could she send me a copy of this letter she advised me that she can put in a request but doubt if it will be approved. I never had any business with this company what so ever. XXXX XXXX never notified me in writing or by telephone or email concerning an debt. An Affidavit submitted to the court alone does not constitute that XXXX XXXX own this debt. XXXX XXXX failed to prove the following : 1 ) that it owns this debt ; 2 ) an itemize ledger of what I owe ; and 3 ) the terms of my account. XXXX XXXX failed to send an Validation Notice to me and allow me the thirty days of the date of the validation notice to dispute the debt. This company went straight to filing a lawsuit without first validating the debt, which violates the following : Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 808. Unfair practices 809. Validation of debts I am asking that this company be investigated because clearly they're not following the FDCPA.

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Debt collection / Credit card debt

The debt collector named XXXX XXXX sold my credit

CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION Pressler & Pressler Harrassing Communications


Frequent or repeated calls

The debt collector named XXXX XXXX sold my credit card debt {$800.00} to XXXX XXXX law office. My debt has increased to {$1500.00}. I tried to call and settle my debt. I was advised I could pay a lump sum {$1200.00}. When I called back I offered to pay {$1200.00} lump sum and was advised that settlement would no longer be accepted because they were going to garnish my wages. Both companies were very nasty and rude. I was not allowed to settle my debt. This debt continues to decrease my credit score. This is horrible customer service.

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Debt collection / Credit card debt

On XXXX I received a called from a company called

CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION Wells Fargo & Company Took or threatened negative or legal action


Threatened to sue me for very old debt

On XXXX I received a called from a company called XXXX XXXX and the number popped up a several XXXX United stated they left me a voicemail saying that if I dont pay my debt I will be given papers to show up to court in the next two days. Then 10 minutes later my mother received the same voicemail for me so I call them back immediately. I called them and they said I owed Wells Fargo XXXX and if I went to court I could pay up to XXXX in their legal fees unless I settled it on the phone with them with 6 payments of {$160.00}. I made an initial payment of {$160.00} and was suppose to receive and email that I needed to sign that should have contained their information but I didnt so I didnt sign. When I called back asked for their address website anything to check their validity he offered to refund my money and wished me the best of luck and hung up the phone. I received receipts from a company called XXXX XXXX XXXX for the initial payment/payment contract for 6 months and the refund. I asked for their website and he said XXXX and it didnt work. I called back later just asking questions pertaining to them and he said all they had was XXXX. XXXX and their website was XXXX but both sites didnt work. The number I called them from was XXXX and he said his personal number was XXXX his name was XXXX XXXX.

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