Mrs Bpo Auto debt complaint on 02/17/2019


MRS has been calling my work line and cell line for several weeks/months about a debt I do/did not know about. After checking my mail yesterday, I received a letter from them about a debt by XXXX XXXX XXXX and to respond in 30 days to dispute debt. The letter is dated XX/XX/ 2019 and tied to an account balance of {$2800.00} from XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, which I never received any letters from them about this debt either. Due to not knowing about debt until I received this letter, I will be disputing it. I placed this though under communication tactics because they call my phones twice if not three times a day.

Received: 02/17/2019

Debt collection: Auto debt

Harrassing Communications: Frequent or repeated calls

Mrs Bpo Response

This issue was responded to within 15 days by Mrs Bpo


Debt collection / Auto debt

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to initiate

MRS BPO, LLC First Investors Financial Services Group False statements or representation


Attempted to collect wrong amount

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to initiate complaint against First Investors Servicing Corporation ( First Investors ). The particulars are as follows below : I had a repossession that occurred on XX/XX/XXXX concerning my XXXX XXXX. Shortly thereafter, I entered an agreement with Mr. XXXX XXXX, a representative at First Investors Servicing Corporation where the stipulated agreement was for {$8000.00} and monthly payments were to be {$150.00} a month, after completion of said payments the debt balance would be forgiven. As previously mentioned, I was making said payments to XXXX XXXX as agreed and in XX/XX/XXXX I was going through some financial difficulties due to my wife 's health and medical issues because of her XXXX. I made payments when I had the means to make them. In XX/XX/XXXX, Mr. XXXX gave me an ultimatum that if I did not make my past due payments of {$600.00} by the end of XX/XX/XXXX that my account would be transferred to another debt collector. I made {$1000.00} in payments to First Investors and by chance wanted to get a status update on my account from Mr. XXXX. However, he never responded to my phone messages. I later found out that Mr. XXXX breached his arrangement with me and forwarded my account to another debt collector XXXX debt collection. I never received notice of the transfer of my account. I escalated this issue to his manager, Ms. XXXX XXXX. Initially, Ms. XXXX brought back my account from XXXX XXXX XXXX and received another account representative at First Investors. Ms. XXXX tried to reassure me that the payments made on my account with First Investors were reflected. I asked her for a copy of the accounting as well as all my documents concerning my account because she said that it was {$3000.00}. All I wanted was proof for my records that said payments were properly reflected before making further payments. On XX/XX/XXXX, I sent a letter to Ms. XXXX to receive the documents that I requested previously from her department that proved that the balanced still owed on my account was {$3000.00}. She told me that she would place my account on hold, review my file and listen to the recordings ( telephone conversations between Mr. XXXX and myself ) concerning my account. Please note, that the only reason that I did not file a complaint earlier was because I unreasonably relied on the assurances made by Ms. XXXX concerning my account. I did not hear from her for two months and found out that First Investors sold my account to another third party debt collector, XXXX XXXX, XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX. This whole matter has been handled very unprofessionally as well as under handed concerning my account. I am displeased with the service as well as the attention concerning my account because I felt that had I not inquired about my account, I would've essentially been in limbo because I would have been still paying First Investors in good faith even though they initially transferred my account to XXXX XXXX XXXX. I would like a resolution in this matter and feel that the attempted transferring of my accounts were without merit and deceptive. It is not unreasonable to ask for a proper verified accounting of your account, in light of the mismanagement of my account initially. To this date, I still have not had a proper accounting of my account ( in terms of what is still owed ).

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Debt collection / Auto debt

Lobel Financial auto loma has been harassing me my

MRS BPO, LLC Lobel Financial Corporation Took or threatened negative or legal action


Sued you without properly notifying you of lawsuit

Lobel Financial auto loma has been harassing me my family members and friends calling my job everyday giving them different names for me to call them back about a auto loan I didnt pay telling my employers why they are calling to collect a debt after I told them not to call I never gave permission for them to contact my job or my reference ... they sending me court papers stating they are suing me for the amount owed and will garnish my wages if not paid I never received a court paper to appear in court. When I called to ask they said they would send me to the legal department and I told them I didnt k ow I was being sued I didnt receive any papers and the legal team told me to pay up or they will Sees my assets and garnish my wage Im so confused on what to do

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Debt collection / Auto debt

Received letters from XXXX XXXX XXXX twice since

MRS BPO, LLC National Bond And Collection Associates Attempts to collect debt not owed


Debt is not mine

Received letters from XXXX XXXX XXXX twice since 2018. I contacted them with question about the debt/delinquent account, and why it pertained to myself. My father and grandmother purchased a vehicle through a local dealer. On the letter from collection is reference from the dealer to myself with an outrageous balance that is false and also doesn't involve me. They give no information in why they're collecting this debt and also no reason given about such.

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Debt collection / Auto debt

We first off had told the company that they sold

MRS BPO, LLC Auto Now Financial Services Debt Verification


Right to dispute debt notice not received

We first off had told the company that they sold us a broken car and they weren't willing to fix it. We couldn't afford the payments any longer so when they came to pick up the care they threatened to Garnish my husbands wages. After they picked up the car I never heard anything else from them. I never got another call, nor received anything in the mail about what we still owed. I contacted them to ask about this and was advised of what was owed, I asked them to send me something in writing and never received anything. All of a sudden I get served a civil summons for the debt owed and on the paperwork it says I refused to pay anything and they attempted to settle the debt with me and so forth and none of that ever happened. I only knew about the debt from when I went to try and apply for a new loan and was told I had a repo and owed a balance.

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